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Business Park Sofia is changing!

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The first and largest office park on the Balkans is beginning a long-term transformation. In the upcoming months, we are planning many little and big steps that will make our shared space even more of a Park — with more greenery, art, culture and events for its residents and visitors. Our partner in the transformation are the city activists from the Collective Foundation, known for their event "The Rivers of the City" and "100 Chairs".

With the upcoming changes, we respond to the need for more high-quality, modern and lively urban spaces in Sofia, in the spirit of global trends for sustainable urban development. More than 13 000 people work in the Business Park, and more than a hundred thousand residents of Sofia live around it. Mladost, on the other hand, is the youngest district of the capital and has many families with children and few green and public spaces. To find out more about the needs of those working and living in and around the Business Park, we organised a series of workshops and a large survey involving nearly 500 respondents.

The majority of tenants and residents of the offices and surrounding spaces agree that they would like to see more green spaces for outdoor work, more diverse events, sports and culture. Based on the feedback gathered from the workshops, interviews and surveys, and several open invitations to artists and curators, with the Collective Foundation we are developing ideas for changes and interventions to provide more greenery, outdoor work spaces, new art spaces and a huge rooftop that we will turn into a dining, recreational and events area.

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