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Visit the Park Festival at the end of June!

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The first big and colorful event in Business Park Sofia is knocking on the door. From June 23 to June 25, together with the city activists from the Collective Foundation, we are organising the Park Festival, which for the first time will unlock the new social spaces of Business Park Sofia and fill them with sound, color and meaning. With the participation of many local artists, we will show the Park's full potential by infusing it with performances, music, outdoor cinema nights, new urban art and events for children.

Expect live music performances from Clavexperience, Desy and the Shiny Stockings, Trombobby xC-mo and many other talented artists. Contemporary classical music will be performed by Maggie Petrovich and Drop Down Community, and the Swing Society will host an open dance lesson. We will have fun with a modern circus during the Mini Art Fest and we will be able to get involved in various art workshops. For the children, we have planned a puppet theater and other fun activities.

Meanwhile, various art interventions are starting to take place in the Park, which you can follow on the pages of Business Park Sofia on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram or subscribe to the newsletter in the form below.


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