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In partnership with IFF on the Beach - a special selection of short Bulgarian films, curated for The Park festival.


MY CHICAGO WAY Bulgaria, 27min., Dir. Vilma Kartalska
The inspiring story of Natalia Tsekova, the first Roma actress graduate in Bulgaria. About the dreams that led her to NATFA, about the challenges in everyday life, about the sacrifices made in the name of theatre and the belief in the great Roma cause - education for the ghetto.

AMIDST THE CONCRETE Bulgaria, 15min., Dir. Yordan Mihailovski
Second grader Vihren is questioned by the headmistress and the school psychologist about a story with a sinister ending he wrote in literature class. After the headmistress doesn't remember the story in full, Vihren reads it, and the listeners hear it for the first time. A playful tale about small characters.

LIFE Bulgaria, 30 min., Dir. Krassimir Kalushev
The heartbreaking story of Ivan, a poor elderly widower, who is struggling with the loss of his wife. Peter is his friend, helping him cope with his loneliness and sadness. Soon after they become close, their friendship is put to a great test. Trailer –


SHABA USA, 15min, Dir. Ami Vitale
In the mountains of northern Kenya, the Samburu community does something that has never been done before. This is the story of a group of women and an elephant named Shaba who change their lives forever. 

THE BEAUTY Germany, 4min, Dir. Pascal Schelbli 
What if plastic became an integral part of the sea? Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in a world where guilt dissolves amidst the mysterious depths of the ocean. A world where we encounter strange creatures and discover eerily beautiful landscapes.

THE GOOD DELPHINES Brazil, 17min, Dir. Pedro Furtado
At the mouth of the Laguna, south of Brazil, there is a special group of dolphins that are known to help fishermen catch their favorite fish, the mullet. Called the "Good Dolphins" by the fishermen, they have worked alongside them for the past 150 years. Through the eyes of the fishermen, we will delve into their culture and learn about their fight against the obliteration of this unique friendship with dolphins.