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Karakashyan&Artists: Dance Performances&Workshops

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Building 3, Lake

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Dance Workshop
Learning about site-specific & immersive processes

WHEN: 15h - 17h

WHERE: Building 3, Studio A and outside

DESCRIPTION: Karakashyan & Artists is a multidisciplinary company of dance artists from Bulgaria, boldly moving through disciplines and brought together by director and choreographer Kosta Karakashyan. We create unique large-scale immersive productions which resonate viscerally with audience members close enough to join the action. Informed by a desire to explore the boundaries of emotion and society, Karakashyan & Artists embraces the beauty of the intimate, the visceral, and the subversive. In this open dance workshop for amateurs and professional dancers alike, the artistic director and choreographer of the company Kosta Karakashyan and the dancers will reveal the methods they use to create their unique site-specific, and immersive work. The workshop will get you moving, inspire you to engage with your surroundings and provide you with creative tasks for movement experiments. No previous dance experience is necessary to participate.

Site-specific Dance Performance

WHEN: 20:30h

WHERE: Lakeside

DESCRIPTION: The Karakashyan & Artists dancers will perform a dynamic site-specific dance performance, choreographed by Kosta Karakashyan, responding to the Lakeside and the classical sounds of Drop Down Community as a continuation of their afternoon workshop exploring methods of connecting to our surroundings through dance and movement.