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Film screening: “The Tesla Case”

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WHEN: 18:30h

In partnership with Alexandra Group, free showing of the full-length feature film, "The Tesla Case" on the rooftop cinema.

The film is a contemporary story about Tony and Raya, already turned 12, who remained good friends after their misadventures in "The Curie Case" movie. Aspiring young "inventor" Tony is working on a wireless electricity device inspired by the eccentric genius Nikola Tesla. Tony is a firm believer that his discovery would solve the global energy crisis. To his utter disappointment, he is forced to go to a summer camp with his classmates. Tony invites his dear friend and neighbor Raya who, being left all alone by her ever-traveling parents, gladly welcomes his proposal. Surviving nature won't be the only hurdle that Tony needs to overcome. Local scouts' leader Victor, who is jealous of Tony, decides to ruin his scientific attempts and win Raya's affection, while she unravels the secret of the mystery werewolf roaming the nearby forest.

Andrey Hadjivasilev