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ATOM Theatre: Dance Classes&Stretching

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Building 8B

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Contemporary Dance Class with Rebekka

WHEN: 17:30h-18:30h

DESCRIPTION: This class session is divided into improvisation phases and phases in which movement sequences are learned. Rebekka integrates various topics that currently interest her into her lessons - floorwork, improvisation, artistic scores, and dance-based body percussion. An essential part of her lessons is playing with body sounds that arise when dancing and are then amplified and put into rhythmic patterns. You will challenge your musicality with rhythmically oriented movement sequences and explore the potential of your body as a source of sound.

Contemporary Dance Class for Beginners with Eleonora

WHEN: 18:45h - 19:45h

DESCRIPTION: Contemporary dance classes with Eleonora are based on a variety of methods that aim to challenge your imagination and build a connection between body and mind through dance. In the classes, we will experiment with improvisation, and we will go through different exercises to direct attention to the variety of levels and parameters of the body in space. We will work on different techniques in contemporary dance, and most of all, we will dance and charge our bodies with good mood and energy! They are suitable for both beginners and experienced people who want to develop their practice. 

Stretching Class

WHEN: 20:00h - 21:00h

DESCRIPTION: Class for all ages, foundations of stretching for healthy living.