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About The Initiative

The Park

The Park – an initiative in partnership with The Collective Foundation – will transform Business Park Sofia, the most prominent office complex in Central and Eastern Europe, into a green, shared, and easily accessible space for everyone living and/or working in the Mladost district. The project's first phase includes a large-scale collaboration between experts, artists, and local residents to change Business Park Sofia and its surroundings by combining sustainability, community engagement, and interactive art.

After conducting a broad survey amongst the local community – reaching more than 480 people – "The Park" will better the environment within Business Park Sofia according to the needs and wishes of its key target audiences. All shared spaces inside the Business Park will become a new gathering point for the whole Mladost district, making the relationship between Business Park Sofia and all those working and living in the neighborhood more open and meaningful.

This long-term project aims to support local artists and enrich the ecology and community of the Business Park by incorporating more green spaces, art, entertainment, and more open areas for work and leisure on site.

In partnership with the Collective Foundation

The team behind the Collective Foundation works towards bettering cities and community spaces via green initiatives created in collaboration with citizens, artists, businesses, and civic institutions. The Collective Foundation and Business Park Sofia are joining forces to bring sustainability practices as well as an arts and community agenda to the workplace.

The Park Festival

The launch of The Park Initiative will be marked with a large-scale celebration, a summer festival hosted by Business Park Sofia and The Collective Foundation. The event will bring together a multitude of artists and performers who will have the opportunity to contribute to the transformation of Business Park Sofia. The festival program is based on community feedback from those living and working nearby, and will be suitable for a variety of audiences of all ages. Visitors will see performances by up-and-coming Bulgarian musicians (such as Clavexperience, Desy and the Shiny Stockings, Trombobby x C-mo), contemporary classical music performances (featuring Magi Petrovich and the Drop Down Community), stand-up comedy, open-air cinema nights, outdoor dance lessons and sports, and a variety of activities for children.

In addition, the Business Park Open Atelier Program welcomes artists, curators, and all passionate about art and creativity into a new, immersive experience that will be engaging for all. The ongoing art program – which includes workshops, exhibitions, and community events – will display contemporary dance, visual art, sculpture, light installations, calligraphy, mural paintings, AI art, and more.

Stay connected to your world

Business Park Sofia provides a free Wi-Fi network with Yettel's support, so you can take full advantage of the park's amenities.